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Remember how yesterday’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier teaser trailer was really a full-blown trailer? Now we’re getting some true teaser footage from X-Men: Days of Future Past. There’s a proper trailer coming on October 29th, but here are some quick flashes from the movie’s Instagram account┬áMost of the imagery seems to suggest that the movie’s really starring Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Lawrence, which is fine with us. As you’ll agree after checking out Jennifer Lawrence’s 50 Sexiest Pics.

It also looks like Days of Future Past is a very blue film. Maybe that’s just because we were fixated on Jennifer’s body paint. There’s also lots of blue glowing lights and Nicholas Hoult looking very blue as The Beast. He’s actually Jennifer’s boyfriend in real life. It’s nice that they didn’t have to worry about getting blue on each other. In fact, now we’re thinking about how The Beast’s face got that blue. That’s more thought than we should really be giving to Nicholas Hoult in bed. We’ve also given way too much thought to who that guy is using his hand to drag Jennifer Lawrence toward him. We don’t really care about the character. We just would really like to be able to do that trick ourselves.

What’s missing here? A really good look at the Sentinels–those being the giant mutant-hunting robots who are the Big Baddie in the film. We’re really hoping that they’ll be purple and look like they did in the X-Men comics of the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s. Probably not, though–judging from this true teaser video for the fictional Trask Industries that was posted a few months ago. At least it’s nice to be teased via Instagram by something other than Victoria’s Secret models–which we’ll be posting about in a new edition later today…

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