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Victoria’s Secret Models: The Week in Instagram Pics [October 25,2013]


Ladies, ladies, ladies–it’s not a competition to see which Victoria’s Secret model posted the sexiest pictures on Instagram this week. But the winner is Lindsay Ellingson. She didn’t just post a wide range of sexy shots from her everyday life as a supermodel. She also provides a blast from the past from her first-ever Victoria’s Secret show–and also provides a pic of her hanging out with her pal Lily Aldridge.

Lily Aldridge wasn’t as busy as Lindsay, but we have some memorable shots from the lady. We’re also impressed by Bregje Heinen‘s bountiful body of Instagram pics. There’s a very funky ’70s flashback and some black-and-white shots that’ll get you seeing stars. Hilary Rhoda kept things classy on her account, but we can’t resist a few of her pics. Shanina Shaik posed in some lingerie. She also found time to shaik it at the gym, if you know what we mean. And what about poor Miranda Kerr? We’ve already gotten lit up over her impending singlehood as she prepares to divorce Orlando Bloom.

Miranda didn’t seem to be having a bad week in the world of Instagram. She might be doing a little self-marketing here. We’re certainly taking notice as she provides a sexy selfie, an elegant pose from the beach, and two bikini-clad bonuses. One is her floating in the pool and in need of serious rescue. The other is Miranda making a heart. Which is sweet, especially because we’re pretty sure this is a very private photo that Miranda meant just for us. Stay away from our girl, Wolverine…

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