October 25, 2013: Happy Birthday, Rosa Mendes [45 Slammin’ Pics]

Somebody break the news to Zack Ryder that Rosa Mendes is celebrating her birthday with us! Or, more accurately, we’re celebrating the WWE Diva’s birthday with a sizzling set of sexy photos of Rosa Mendes–which ain’t bad, folks. Rosa’s turning 34 years old today, and certainly seems in great shape. She’s been one fit fitness model for a while now, of course, going back to her days as Milena Leticia Roucka. That’s how she was born unto this Earth, and ended up a humble Canadian college student who ditched school for a career in modeling.

That was a good day for guys. The future Rosa’s bangin’ bod quickly caused a sensation by winning her the Piel Dorada–that being a big Latin American beauty pageant that had never before been won by a North American. Rosa continued her winning days by becoming Hawaiian Tropic’s Ms. Indy 500 in 2005. Amazingly enough, Rosa didn’t win when sh competed in the 2006 WWE Diva Search. She still made enough of an impression for the WWE to bring her into the company. (Speaking of company, we also recommend catching up with the WWE’s Kaitlyn and the TNA’s Karen Jarrett.)

Rosa started out on the Ohio Valley Wrestling circuit, where she made a big impression as a bad gal named Roucka. Hey, that’s her real name. Roucka stomped her way through the competition in Ohio, and eventually became a champion on the Florida Championship Wrestling tour. The aspiring Rosa then made a splashy WWE debut on a 2005 episode of Raw. She worked the crowd as Beth Phoenix’s biggest fan, and was officially introduced as good gal Rosa Mendes.

Rosa would go on to battle and brawl while also managing some real champions. She’s recently been having a tough time with the WWE, with long absences and lots of confusion over whether or not Rosa’s a face or a heel. This is one Rosa that’s plenty sweet by any name–and you’ll agree after checking out these pics that’ll get you in a camel clutch. Figuratively, we think…

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