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Miranda Kerr Is Single Again: Celebrate With 420 (Heh) Pics


It looks like Miranda Kerr is done with trying to make us jealous over this fling  with Orlando Bloom. Maybe we should’ve said something before she married the guy and had his child. But now (as reported by TMZ) Miranda Kerr is officially on her way to being a single gal again, with a formal announcement that she (and that Orlando guy) “have been amicably separated for the past few months.” (Remember how broken up we got over the divorces of Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian?)

That doesn’t sound right. Miranda hasn’t called us over the past few months. We’re not really sure what’s up with that. We know, however, that Miranda was seen out with Leonard DiCaprio at the end of last year. That started some rumors. We thought it was pretty funny that Miranda was thinking that would make us any more jealous. Oh, Miranda. Such a crazy kid.

Anyway, now we’re impressed that Miranda and her husband looked so happy while recently posing as a couple before his Broadway debut in a  production of “Romeo and Juliet.” That’s the finest performance Orlando Bloom has given in ages. Not the play–the happy pose on the red carpet. Yeah.  Zinga-zing-zing, Orlando.

So how do we plan to celebrate Miranda being a single gal? Here’s a clue: there are 420 pics in the gallery below. Miranda Kerr was also born on 4/20/83. We’ve been celebrating her birthday regularly, it seems–but this is another kind of special occasion. So join us in carefully examining these plentiful pics. Well, we might have to get away from the computer if Miranda calls on the phone. You know how that is…

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