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You Know You Want To Try A Recipe Out Of Ja Rule’s Microwave Prison Cookbook



Ja Rule, who was spending a couple of years in the slammer for illegal gun possession until being released in May of this year, is reportedly working on a “microwave cookbook” inspired by his stint in jail. Because if there’s any meals worth eating that are microwavabe, they’re made with ingrediants only found in prison.

Huffington Post has more details on the felon Julia Child:

The 37-year-old rapper, né Jeffrey Atkins, will release an instruction manual on how to whip up creative comestibles in a microwave after having endured two years in prison for illegal gun possession. He was released in May 2013.Atkins said he overcame the terrible food in prison by making his own meals. He also said he gained 30 pounds in the process.

Now all we need is to have him make a gourmet Pruno instructional pamphlet and we’ve got ourselves one hell of a meal just in time for the Holiday season!

  • COED Writer