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October 24, 2013: 35 Pics for Tila Tequila’s 32nd Birthday


It turns out that people used to get rich over being internet famous. Oh, we know there are still big online celebs likeGrumpy Cat. It’s still not easy to cash in nowadays by just being a famous woman on the internet. The pioneers in that field really made some money. We’ve looked back at Cindy Margolis as the original Queen of the Internet. Today we celebrate the original Queen of MySpace–with Tila Tequlia turning a mere 32 years old. We say “mere” because it seems like a million years since anyone has visited Myspace.

A lot of people visiting Myspace for Tila Tequila. The exotic beauty was born in Singapore (as Tila Nguyen) and grew up in Houston, Texas. She also grew up as a bad girl doing drugs and hitting nightclubs in her teens. Then she headed off to California to seek her fame and fortune. It’s not too surprising that she was quickly spotted by a scout from the Playboy empire. Tila became the first Asian model to become’s Cyber Girl of the Week during April of 2002.

She went on to do some layouts for Playboy proper, but the website work had taught her about the power of the internet. Tila kept working as a model–mostly in the auto biz–but really made her mark as a Myspace entrepreneur. She built up an impressive following of fans on the social network while trying to launch her career as a pop singer. Her bodacious bod sold her image a lot better than she could sell her songs.

Fall Out Boy became Myspace’s mainstream success story, but Tila used her following to relaunch her modeling career. Magazines were very interested in a gal who’d logged over 31 million views on a hot property like Myspace. Tila made the cover of Stuff magazine and began a reality-television career. The proudly bisexual beauty drew a lot of attention with the equal-opportunity dating show A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila on MTV.

Tila couldn’t win Facebook like she did Myspace. She failed Twitter, too–but she’s still out there plugging her music and working her fame. Her biggest recent appearance was in the Adam Sandler comedy I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry, where she had the honor of playing a Hooters waitress. The sex tape from 2011 wasn’t bad, either–and here are some hot pics to show us that Tila is celebrating her 32nd birthday as an enduring hot property. She’s also an aspiring New Age guru, but we’re not too sure where she’s going with that right now. Let’s just say that Tequila is a survivor–and let’s see if your zipper can survive this gallery…

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