10 Things You Didn’t Know About Our Favorite Scream Queens

Halloween gets us to thinking about horror movies, which gets us to thinking about hot babes. That’s pretty much like how thinking about highway construction gets us to thinking about hot babes. We think a lot about hot babes–but, in this case, we’re thinking specifically about Scream Queens. That’s kind of a misnomer. The term “Scream Queen” first became popular with Jamie Lee Curtis. A lot of young actresses followed her lead in trying to match her breakout performance in Halloween. Jamie had a real hit trilogy, though, going from Halloween to The Fog to Prom Night to Terror Train to Halloween II.

Of course, some people would say Fay Wray was the first Scream Queen, just for her legendary screeches in 1933’s King Kong. Your modern Scream Queen, however, does a lot more than scream. We’re looking at a Top Ten that ranges from the mid-80s to the films of today. These gals might scream, but they’ve also been just as likely to whip out a chainsaw and do some real damage. They should all be major stars, but we’re thinking that not nearly enough guys know about these cultish cuties. Unless you’re some kind of pathetic horror geek like…well, like us. Check out these gals, though, and you’ll be geeking out, too…

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