“Sports Illustrated Swimsuit: 50 Years of Beautiful” Book Has Beautiful Viral Marketing [PHOTOS]

So, what’s the best way for Sports Illustrated to promote the release of the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit: 50 Years of Beautiful? We’re not even sure the book needs to be promoted. In fact, we’re amazed that copies are even still available, since it should’ve sold out as quickly as any new Apple product. Fortunately, there are copies of the book–covering, as advertised, 50(!) years of swimwear modeling–to be had. Grab your copy quick, though, since Sports Illustrated editor M.J. Day has found a smart way to market the one gift that ever man wants.

Check out the pics below as Sports Illustrated models take the coffee-table book and apply it to something much better than a coffee table. Ladies like Natasha Barnard and Julie Henderson proudly pose with the cover (and back cover) in a marvelous merger of flesh and book. We’ve included M.J. getting in the act, and a pair of legs that belong to some SI staffer. Maybe that’s Darcie Baum–who has really done her part with another picture where the SI Associate Editor is properly credited. Let’s also hear it for SI Editorial Coordinator Janine Berey, who strikes a provocative pose.

Sadly, Brooklyn Decker seems to have missed out on the big concept, but it’s still nice to see her posing with a copy. We’d really like to borrow Irena Shayk’s copy, though. Emily DiDonato’s, too. Those gals really get into the spirit of the thing.

So we know you don’t need to be talked into buying Sports Illustrated Swimsuit: 50 Years of Beautiful, but these pics are a fine reminder that the book is out there. And while it really is a great gift idea, maybe you really will want to go ahead and buy your own copy for yourself. Not every girlfriend will be thoughtful enough to pick up a copy, and Santa Claus has gotten unreliable in recent years. You’ve noticed that, right?

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