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We know that December is officially Academy Awards season, but we’re pretty sure that Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues is the most-anticipated film of the season. The buzz sure enjoys a healthy hype with this brand new trailer. You get anchors smoking crack on the air, a guide to the ’80s most popular condoms, and a nod to one of Youtube’s most popular moments in newscasting. We also get our first look at Harrison Ford in the movie. He seems to be playing Ron Burgandy’s boss at the Global News Network–that being the 24-hour news channel where Burgandy lands after losing his old job to wife Christina Applegate.

We don’t see anything from John C. Reilly yet. We’re curious to see what he’s doing. The guy originally had to turn down the role of sportscaster Champ Kind, which got taken over by David Koechner–seen here getting his face bathed in boiling oil. It’s kind of hard to explain. Watch for yourself and get pretty excited over things. Especially with Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” landing another round of pop-culture relevance after the end of The Sopranos. We’re going to be hearing that song forever…

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