October 23, 2013: All-New Overdose For Izabel Goulart’s 29th Birthday [75 PICS]

We never forget Izabel Goulart’s birthday. It’s easy to remember because it’s right after Candice Swanepoel’s birthday. Boy, it gets expensive finding both of those gals just the right present, and then we never even get our “thank you” cards because we have to move to a cheaper cardboard box. That doesn’t keep us from seriously celebrating the birthday of the Brazilian beauty born as Maria Izabel Goulart Dourado.

She’s pretty much been an international modeling sensation since her very first appearance on the runway–when a fashion malfunction exposed her breasts and brought her media attention. A few models have staged malfunctions in the past, but we’re pretty sure that Izabel Goulart had an honest accident. She just honestly has the kind of amazing bod that clothes can’t cover with a clear conscience. Izabel certainly didn’t need some kind of stunt to eventually become one of the fashion industry’s hottest models.

Izabel was already a big deal when she joined Victoria’s Secret as an Angel back in 2005. Her official stint lasted until 2008, but Izabel was taking part in Victoria’s Secret shows as recently as 2012. It isn’t too late for her to walk the runway for the brand’s biggest show this year, either. (We’re sure happy to include her in our weekly Victoria’s Secret Instagram roundups.) Izabel needs to remind more folks about her body of work. She only came in at #100 in the 2011 FHM  list of the 100 Sexiest Women In The World. The world isn’t so perfect that Izabel deserved to rank that low.

Has anyone noticed that Conan O’Brien has never had her as a guest since his Late Night days? Those two used to flirt like crazy. We’re thinking that Conan’s wife finally put the kibosh on that. Izabel also showed up on an episode of Entourage. Now that the cable show is getting a big-screen adaptation, maybe it’s time to ponder which Victoria’s Secret models will show up there. Anyway, Izabel is closing out her twenties as a really awesome babe, and we’re celebrating with an updated and all-new overdose of Izabal at her most inzpiring. Happy birthday to us all…

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