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Exclusive: Schwarzenegger Not in AVATAR Sequels–Stephen Lang In All Three


The geek community (hey, that’s us!) is all abuzz over Stephen Lang being confirmed for the upcoming Avatar sequel. That’s especially interesting news considering that Lang’s character of Colonel Miles Quaritch didn’t come to a good end in 2009’s Avatar. We’re big fans of Lang, though, and couldn’t resist checking in with Avatar producer Jon Landau in his offices at the MBS Media Campus–that being the fine Los Angeles location where the Avatar empire continues to film.

Landau kindly took time from his busy schedule to join us in geeking out over the return of both Stephen Lang and Colonel Quadritch. “The key is,” he explained, “that we’re looking at the next Avatar films as a saga. We needed a strong enough antagonist to last through all three movies.”

Which got us geeking out even more to learn that we’re really, really looking at Stephen Lang–and Colonel Quaritch–in all of the upcoming Avatar movies. Like, as a major baddie. “That’s right,” said Landau. “He’s in 2, 3, and 4.”

Which got us wondering one more thing about the Avatar sequels. The internet (which is never, ever wrong) has been abuzz over the idea of Arnold Schwarzenegger joining the Avatar films as a new villainous military figure. Now the world is wondering if the Avatar universe is big enough for two baddies with the presence of Stephen Lang and Schwarzenegger. It probably is, but still…

“No,” says Landau, “the Schwarzenegger rumor is not true. Not at all.”

And yet we are not geeking out any less. Landau then went back to running his empire, and we got back to…well, whatever is that we do here when we’re not awaiting Avatar sequels. And we’re still not giving up on our Avatar/Arnold dreams, although Landau sounded pretty serious about that. Don’t worry, Arnold. We’ll put in a good word for you.

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