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Ellen Page Nude CGI Pics! The BEYOND: Two Souls Scene That Sony Doesn’t Want You To See [PHOTOS]


We really like the Beyond: Two Souls game from Sony Computer Entertainment. It’s both a weird ghost story and a fun interactive game, with a story line that actually warrants bringing in Willem Dafoe and Ellen Page. And yet here we are talking about celebrity nudity. That just seems wrong. But maybe we should blame Sony for making the big mistake of turning nude CGI pics into a proper news story. [video stills via]

That’s courtesy of Sony trying to cover up pics of a nude Ellen Page that’s been assembled from Beyond: Two Souls. The bogus-bod brouhaha began (like so many things) with a Reddit user who ran Beyond: Two Souls on a PlayStation 3 with a debug unit. That gave him the ability to work the game’s camera angle. And can you guess what gamers do when they learn that they can manipulate the camera angle in a shower scene?

You guessed it. They start looking for nudity. This guy found it, too. Plenty of gaming sites then felt compelled to do their own tests on this scientific breakthrough. Suddenly, everyone seemed to be playing around with CGI images of a nude Ellen Page in a shower. Well, technically, it’s not really a nude Ellen Page. (And you should check out our real Sexiest Video Game Vixens.) Sony is sure treating this thing like a real-life controversy, though. It’s really baffling, though. The fine CinemaBlend site was among those getting a letter from Sony, and they shared the weird fact that Sony is actually concerned because the images in question are “not actually [Ellen Page’s] body.”

Isn’t that the point? Nobody’s going to mistake these pics for an Ellen Page nude scene. Besides, information wants to be free. In related news, guys want to be free to see CGI nudity. So check out the three controversial pics below–and check out Beyond: Two Souls, too. It’s a great game even without a nude Ellen Page. UPDATE: Aaaaand—our pics are gone…

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