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Ashley Tinsdale on Super Fun Night

(9:30 PM EST, ABC)

Well, this is a puzzling episode of Super Fun Night. The show hasn’t done much in the ratings, and it looks like Rebel Wilson needs a Pitch Perfect sequel to stay in the public eye. We’re still really intrigued by tonight’s episode, which has Aussie actress Jacki Weaver as Rebel’s mom and Ashley Tisdale as Rebel’s sister–both of whom were cast in similar roles in a failed pilot that Rebel made before Super Fun Night. So maybe this is a bid for a spin-off that isn’t likely to happen. We don’t know.

In related news, Ashley Tisdale is still a sex bomb. It was pretty obvious during the High School Musical years that Ashley had the most star power. (Not that we had any complaints about Vanessa Hudgens.) We were really happy to see Ashley join the voice cast of the most excellent Phineas and Ferb, and sure didn’t mind her taking the lead in the cheerleader show¬†Hellcats. We weren’t too pleased when Ashley got a nose job, though. That took away a lot of her offbeat charm. We’ve gotten used to it, though, and at least she didn’t get some kind of generic job that could’ve really wiped out her quirky cuteness.

Ashley has also been doing her best to broaden her audience. She played a real broad on Sons of Anarchy, and got down and dirty with Scary MoVie. That one bombed at the box office, though. Ashley Tisdale still has us titillated, though. She’ll be back on the big screen with Chris Evans and Aubrey Plaza in the romantic comedy A Many Splintered Thing, and will return to our living rooms in an upcoming episode of The Crazy Ones.

That’s going to pair her up with Sarah Michelle Gellar–but Ashley won’t be getting too crazy there. She’s going to look pretty preppy. Ashley Tisdale looks hot in the gallery below, though. It’s a sizzling 60 shots of a gal who’s so enticing that we almost forgot to mention how excited we are about next year’s special Star Wars episode of Phineas and Ferb. Yeah. We’re really excited about that…

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