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Kendra Wilkinson on The Mindy Project

(9:30 PM EST, FOX)

Kendra Wilkinson isn’t having a good week. She’s all over the tabloids as her personal life is discussed by our favorite gossipmongers. We are not here to add to Kendra’s problems. We’re here to support Kendra by knocking ourselves out over her appearance in tonight’s episode of The Mindy Project. We were a little disappointed when we learned that there weren’t any real ring girls as part of tonight’s MMA-themed episode. (Check out our favorites from both America and Russia–plus Arianny Celeste.) We’re happy, however, to announce that Kendra Wilkinson fills in as a fictional ring girl who does Mindy Kaling some kind of favor.

That’s after Mindy accidentally attends an MMA event that she mistakes for a night at the Museum of Modern Art. That’s why they call it a sitcom, folks. You get funny situations. There’s nothing funny about Kendra’s awesome bod, though. We guess that some people think of her as Kendra Leigh Baskett nowadays. We’d rather not be reminded that she’s married to football pro Hank Baskett. We prefer to think of her as the free-spirited Playboy model who kept Hugh Hefner company on The Girls Next Door. That reality show–and Kendra’s amazing nude pics–soon made her a proper pop culture figure. Who can ever forget her appearance in a Nickelback video, or when the Wall Street Journal declared that Kendra was the Olive Garden’s official Biggest Celebrity Fan?

We never said that Kendra was a really cool pop culture figure. But we kind of liked how she really put the girl-next-door persona into the Girls Next Door show. There’s a reason that America took such a liking to her. She hung in for a long time on Dancing With the Stars, and Kendra still has  dedicated audience with her Kendra on Top show. She also seems to have recovered nicely from a pretty bad car accident back in April. That’s probably some comfort as she puts up with the current tabloid frenzy. Kendra has given us plenty of comfort, too, and these pics will make you forget any tabloid troubles of your own…

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