Jenna Jameson High As Balls On ‘Good Day New York’ [VIDEO]


“How the mighty have fallen” isn’t really applicable to this Jenna Jameson interview on Good Day New York because that would mean that the world’s most famous pornstar has hit a new low; when in reality she’s higher than ever. She appeared on the morning talk show to pimp out her new book Sugar–an attempt to cash in on the 50 Shades of Grey craze (it’s also going to be a trilogy).

But you don’t care about her novel, you care about the trainwreck that is Jenna Jameson. Forget the fact that she’s fully transformed into a cat/person hybrid, Jenna Jameson’s painkiller addiction is more painful to watch than a Mandingo clip. Yet she can still kind of pull it off. Like she’s making coherent sentences and everything, they’re just slurred. Really really slurred.

According to The New York Post, the interview was going so poorly that it was cut short.

She seemed to slur her words, and we’re told Jameson even needed help getting on and off the set. “We thought it was her heels, until she started talking,” says the source. “After the interview, she went and laid down on the couch in the green room.” (source)

Yesterday she appeared on Opie and Anthony’s radio show–and that also went south faster than a lady on James Deen.

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