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Emily Ratajowski is Your Woman of the Year—-So Here’s 30 Sexy GIFS


It seems that the men of the world did not rush into their decision over who would win the Esquire┬áReader’s Poll for the Woman of the Year. The readers sure made the editors at Esquire happy, since the folks there got to go through their files for the sexiest pics of Emily Ratajowski–who won the votes with an impressive 64.6% lead. Actually, we’re impressed that the editors at Esquire can do that kind of math. We’d still be trying to get a correct count on how many gals were competing.

Anyway, we’re thinking that Emily Ratajowski got a big boost from her amazing recent work for GQ. It certainly gave us a big boost. Yeah. Emily won out over some tough competition, too. The final bracket had her up against Jennifer Lawrence. Emily also had to move up the ranks past beauties like Kate Upton, Alice Eve, Katy Perry, Amber Heard, Behati Prinsloo, Jamie Chung, Olivia Wilde, Rihanna, Olivia Munn, Miley Cyrus, Miranda Kerr, and more. Frankly, we’re surprised that the guys weren’t too exhausted to finish the whole thing to its big climax.

But, as noted, that GQ photo shoot probably shot Emily Ratajowski right to the top of the rankings. You still can’t make everyone happy. Outraged comments via Facebook have men complaining that Olivia Munn should’ve been a shoe-in. One guy would’ve preferred Avril Lavigne over Katy Perry. That’s a bold choice. We also admire the guy who dared to ask, “Where is Lindsay Lohan?” It wouldn’t have been so bad for Esquire to give Lindsay a shot, but they’re a classy magazine with standards. In fact, they get the kind of readers who ask things like, “Where are Maya Angelou and Mother Teresa?” Those kind of guys are just trying to make us feel bad.

Esquire readers, however, will feel good about these jiggling GIFs of their very own Woman of the Year. Isn’t it nice that we all know how to pronounced “GIFs” now? We can use alliteration, just like the fancy folks of Esquire. Now check out Emily Ratajowski as she rattles your–um, eyeballs…

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