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BAD GRANDPA Red Band Trailer Is Painfully Funny [VIDEO]


We think we have this year’s Oscar winner for Best Penis Joke. We’re also thinking that Jackass Presents:┬áBad Grandpa has the Best Make-Up category wrapped up–and we’re not referring to the amazing work done to age Jackass‘ Johnny Knoxville into 86-year-old Irving Zisman. That’s impressive work, though. It’s important work, too, since┬áBad Grandpa is a Borat-style comedy that uses footage of real people. Johnny Knoxville has convincing makeup, a young child, and some pretty elaborate props. From there, he’s sent out to interact with normal human beings.

The title character of Bad Grandpa, of course, is a pretty inappropriate guy. We’re guessing that this Red Band trailer might be a little inappropriate for the workplace. There’s no nudity and just a little cursing–and one great gag that we don’t want to spoil in case you’re able to get away with watching this one in the office. That’s what really makes this a Red Band trailer. And if you’re already an Irving Zisman fan from Jackass 3, you wouldn’t expect anything less…

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