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Reasons Why This Week Won’t Suck [10/21- 10/24]


Another work week begins, and we’re of course dreaming and scheming of ways to make it go by as quickly as possible. With Halloween on the horizon, running around looking for costumes is keeping us busy. But if you’re ahead of the game, there are tons of other cool stuff happening this week to distract you from the tasks at hand.

Some great concerts are going down this week if you didn’t get enough at CMJ, including Fiona Apple and Franz Ferdinand. And speaking of music, there are some great albums from a couple of our favorite throwback rock and roll bands coming out as well. Miss Katy Perry’s album Prism also drops tomorrow if you’re into mediocre pop music. And whether you love your action coming from a kick-ass Bruce Lee collection or chills up your spine from a horror film like The Conjuring, there are plenty of DVD releases to keep your evenings occupied as well. Check out these happenings and more in the gallery below.

  • COED Writer