October 21, 2013: Princess Leia STAR WARS Bikini Party—-Plus Sexier Shots of Carrie Fisher

Hey, does everyone remember when future U.S. Senator Al Franken leered at guest host Carrie Fisher on Saturday Night Live and declared her to be “Princess Lay-a”? Of course not. That was in November of 1978. Hardly anybody’s alive from way back then. And the kids who were grooving to Star Wars weren’t thinking of Princess Leia in that way–until, of course, Return of the Jedi came out in 1983, which coincided with puberty coming on for a lot of Carrie Fisher‘s fan base. That’s when Carrie came out on the big screen in a scintillating sci-fi outfit of a sparse metal bikini paired with enchanting slave shackles. [You should check out our collection of the 77 Sexiest Star Wars Fans.]

If you think about it, Jabba the Hutt was mainly responsible for a defining sexual moment in the lives of millions of adolescents. It’s probably best not to dwell on that. Let’s just dwell on Carrie Fisher’s surprising sexuality. She was pretty happy to finally have a womanly presence in the Star Wars series, having spent most of the films as a spunky young gal with a bod covered up in various white robing.

But Return of the Jedi was actually the return of Carrie Fisher’s sexuality. She had first become a critic’s darling with a sexually shocking role in the 1975 comedy Shampoo–where she played the nympho daughter of Lee Grant, and eagerly jumped into bed with Warren Beatty as her mother’s illicit lover. Before that, Carrie’s acting roles had consisted of wholesome kiddie parts working with her real-life mom Debbie Reynolds. Carrie had since stripped down to her undies for 1981’s Under the Rainbow, but nobody saw that doomed comedy.

Her turn as a Playboy Club Bunny on an episode of the Laverne & Shirley sitcom (which paired her with longtime pal Penny Marshall) also went unappreciated. But we’ve put together an amazing collection of Carrie Fisher’s flashiest pics as she celebrates her 57th(!) birthday while getting ready to return to the Star Wars franchise. The famously bi-polar broad has gone on to a fine career as a novelist and screenwriter, but here’s a salute to the interplanetary body that made Carrie a surprise sex symbol. And then you might want to catch up with our favorite three-breasted sci-fi siren Kaitlyn Leeb….



Gabriella Wilde: CARRIE Good Girl and One Great Model
Gabriella Wilde: CARRIE Good Girl and One Great Model
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