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New Epic Rap Battles of History: Blackbeard vs. Al Capone [VIDEO]


The geniuses behind the Epic Rap Battles of History have struck again–with a quick trip down to the costume shop resulting in some truly epic ranting and rapping between Blackbeard the Pirate and Al Capone the Syphilitic Gangster. Yeah, you can be sure that Blackbeard brings up syphilis a lot during his taunting.

Personally, we’re very fond of pirates here at COED. Especially when discussing our Favorite Pirate Booties–although we’ve shown sympathy for a certain criminal element when it comes to the ladies.¬†You can decide for yourself who wins, but we’re tempted to give Blackbeard the edge for that line about Capone dropping dope lines. You’ll see what we mean soon enough…

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