The Big Booties Of Miss Bumbum Brazil 2013 [PHOTOS]

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Update: Check out the 2014 Miss BumBum Brazil winner Indianara Carvalho here.

There are two things that Brazil does extremely well: play soccer and produce women who were born to wear bikinis. I think it’s pretty obvious which Brazilian pastime the women of Miss BumBum Brazil focus on.

In 2011 we introduced you to the Miss BumBum Competition, a new pageant aimed at finding the singular finest booty in a land of perfect butts. Judges select one model from the the 27 different Brazilian states to represent her state, then fans vote on which butt they find the find the most visually pleasing. Truth be told, I’m not sure if these women have to have natural butts or not. Regardless, voters chose¬†Rosana Ferreira as Miss BumBum 2011.

Update 2015: Check out the all new Miss BumBum Brazil 2015 Photos below.

Not one to rest on their a**es, Miss BumBum Brazil returned in 2012 with a brand-new group of 27 models. For good reason, readers crowned Carine Felizardo as the winner.

Which brings us now to 2013. In light of the upcoming World Cup, this is perhaps the most important year for Miss BumBum Brazil in the history of the world. The winner will be announced November 15th, 2013 so you’ve got some time to figure out which model/butt you think is the most deserving.

Check out their hottest photos below, then make sure to vote for your favorite right here.


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