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Emmalyn Anderson onĀ The Blacklist

(10:00 PM EST, NBC)

Who’s the hardest working woman in showbiz? We’d like to plug Emmalyn Anderson….um, for the title. Just check out the beautiful blonde’s busy Twitter account. She keeps us caught up with her very busy career as a popular actress. Yes, producers often make the mistake of putting Emmalyn in a minor role. She’s still hard to miss. The curvy Cape Cod cutie has just recently shot small-screen scenes for Orange is the New Black, Hostage, The Carrie Diaries, and Unforgettable. Emmalyn also managed to fit in some live modeling work and a sneakers commercial.

And yet you’ll have to be careful not to miss Emmalyn Anderson when she shows up on her second episode of The Blacklist tonight. She’s once again stuck in a small role as a fleeting presence behind the wheel. But there are no small roles when you’ve got the presence of Emmalyn. She first showed up on the big screen last summer with work as an extra in Ted and the Adam Sandler comedy That’s My Boy. We didn’t have any trouble spotting Emmalyn in the That’s My Boy wedding scene once we knew to look for her. We missed her this summer in R.I.P.D., but we’re going to gird our loins and watch that thing one more time–even if we’re missing out on seeing her in 3D.

Emmalyn is just a regional talent, but it’s hard to think of anyone else in the Boston area who’s getting so much exposure. We wouldn’t mind seeing her more exposed, of course, but we think that’s just a matter of time. Emmalyn is certainly ambitious–even making an early debut in the bizarre 2011 short The Adventures of Young Tessa, which was pretty ambitious for a seeming excuse to put Emmalyn in a tight superhero outfit and film her in bondage.

She’s an aspiring pop star, too, and we’re pretty impressed with her video for “Love Letter.” The repetitive groove really pays off as Emma dances around as a liberated lady. You’ll be whipping up your own love letter to Emmalyn as you check out these plentiful pics of the young woman who’s becoming Boston’s finest export. We can’t wait to see what happens if she ever decides to hit Hollywood…

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