Sofia Black-D’Elia on Betrayal

(10:00 PM EST, ABC)

We know that everybody’s compelled to watch The Walking Dead tonight, but please skip the chat afterwards and turn to ABC to tune in to Betrayal–or else you’ll be betraying us by not supporting the most promising lesbian love affair on television. Sofia Black-D’Elia plays a character named Tea who’s a talented computer hacker working for a prestigious lawyer. She’s also determined to hack into the tight pants of the lawyer’s daughter, who’s played by the equally fetching Elizabeth Mclaughlin. It’s easily the hottest potential pairing in primetime, and we haven’t even gotten past the flirting stage yet.

This isn’t Sofia’s Black-D’Elia’s first time as a boldly Sapphic siren. (That hyphen comes and goes, but it’s what Sofia uses on Twitter.) You might remember her turn as the wild gal Tea on the MTV series Skins–which was promptly canceled over the show’s sex-crazed antics. Sofia made some very important contributions as a lovely lesbian who seemed pretty intent on turning her entire high school on to her agenda. (This isn’t the first Tea that’s turned us on, either. Look back at Chasty Ballesteros on The Newsroom.)

Sofia plays Jules Whitman on Betrayal, and here’s how the gal promoted her agenda with the boss’ daughter Valerie–as she sent Val a quick text to prove that Jules can access anyone’s personal information…

“Pie.” It’s nice to see a lesbian on television who shares our subtle sense of courtship.

Jules followed that by hacking into a bus line’s system to ask Valerie out for a date via flashing lights. We like the look of that destination–and love the look of Sofia, who’s actually pretty versatile. She was kind of sweet back on her days with All My Children, and was plenty of fun on Gossip Girl. Now we’re hoping that the characters of Jules and Valerie will stir up plenty of gossip over Betrayal. While we’re waiting, check out plenty of Sofia’s earlier lesbianic antics, plus some hot pics of the young lady just being herself…

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