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Learn From These Dudes: Guys Serenade Girls In College Lecture Halls [Video]


There isn’t one technique that will always work when it comes to picking up girls; but if you have the skills, then serenading her with a guitar in front of her friends and strangers should usually do the trick.

We’re not entirely sure why. Maybe it’s because it shows incredible confidence. Maybe it’s because it shows that you’re a talented musician. Maybe it’s because all girls just liked that scene from “10 Things I Hate About You” when Heath Ledger sang to Julia Stiles. Actually, it’s probably all of those things.

YouTube user NelkFilmz easily proves all girls love it when you sing to them. The video features him and his friend busting into several lecture halls in colleges throughout Canada and picking a random girl to sing in front of. It doesn’t matter if the girl is a college freshman or a tenured professor. The guys in this video charm them all and get a huge round of applause from professors and students.

If you’re having trouble picking up some girls, get a guitar, take some vocal lessons, learn part of one song and hit the college campuses.

via YouTube

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