Happy Anniversary To ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’ [Videos]


On this day in 1973, “The Six Million Dollar Man” premiered on television. We understand if you only know about “The Six Million Dollar Man” because of “Family Guy” references, but the show was an instant classic for dudes in the ’70s. As the opening credits explain, the show is about Steve Austin (played by actor Lee Majors) who is a pilot injured in an experimental aircraft. Luckily, the U.S. Government spent $6 million to rebuild him with robot parts to create the world’s first bionic man.

$6 million might not sound like a lot of money now, but keep in mind that we’re talking about 1970s dollars. With that kind of money, it’s not inconceivable to make a bionic man that is smarter, stronger and faster than a normal human. If you watch the show now, you’re mostly going to enjoy it for the cool 1970s visual and audio effects. We’ve found some clips that should make you want to watch the show just to appreciate how far special effects have come from the 1970s.
Skip to the three minute mark in this video to get to the best action. In this clip, Steve Austin has to do battle with every man’s worst nightmare: fembots. Sure fembots might look sexy when they’re completely constructed, but you can clearly see how horrifying they truly are when they don’t have their face completely put on yet. If your girlfriend is looking for a halloween costume that is going to be truly horrifying and score some originality points, she should quickly make a homemade version of the fembot mask. It shouldn’t take too long. It doesn’t look like the professional costume designers spent much time on it for a major network television show.
“Can you understand me? Are you a man?” Even though he’s part machine, Steve Austin still cares about Bigfoot, one of nature’s rarest species. This might be one of our favorite fight scenes of all time even though we’re not entirely sure what happens. Is Bigfoot also bionic? We hope he manages to reattach the arm that Steve Austin effortlessly ripped from his torso.

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