Danielle Fishel Marries: Topanga’s Off The Market, Still On Our Minds

Life is unfair. It was just earlier this year–March, in fact–when Danielle Fishel showed up in Maxim to show how she’d grown up since her days growing up on camera on Boy Meets World. Adolescents who grew up on the ABC network’s TGIF television block had dreamed of her character Topanga stripping down to bra and panties. We finally got it, along with the thrill of Maxim showing off a gal with plenty of curves. To be honest, Maxim was going with nostalgia over their typical idea of womanhood–but Daniella Fishel seemed perfectly womanly to us.

Fishel’s sexy layout coincided with the announcement that Danielle was reuniting with old costar Ben Savage on a new revival of the Boy Meets World concept. We were happy to hear that, too–even though we knew Danielle wouldn’t be stripping down on the family-friendly show. This weekend, however, brought the news that Danielle has married her longtime boyfriend. She’s robbing the cradle, too. Tim Belusko is only 25 years old, while Danielle is now a startling 32 years old.

Danielle had already announced that she was engaged last year, via her Tumblr page. She announced via Twitter that her kitchen had flooded the day before her wedding, but the secretive Danielle didn’t mention why that was bad timing. Frankly, we hoped that her revived acting career might get her to break up with that guy. Instead, we now have to pretend to be happy for her. But you know what’ll really make us happy? Checking out Danielle showing off her Topangas back in her days as a single gal….

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