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Watch These Oil Rig Workers Make The Best Music Video Ever [Video]


The chances are that at some point you’ve complained about how hard your job is. It’s OK. Everyone does that at some point. Still, there’s also a good chance that your job isn’t that bad if you consider how difficult some other jobs are. For example, you probably don’t work on an offshore oil rig. Those guys have it pretty tough, but even they know how to have a good time while on the job.

The offshore oil rig crew on the Bourbon Perdiot in Equatorial Guinea made an epic music video set to the song “Africa” by Toto. The idea came from the pilot of the vessel Darren Flynn. After he convinced a few of the crew members to participate in the video, most of the others decided that they wanted to join in once they saw how fun it looked. After all, performing in a music video is probably more fun than whatever else there is to do on an oil rig when you have time off. Actually, now that we think about it, what do they do with their time off when they’re not making music videos?

The video actually gives you a pretty good glimpse of what an oil rig really looks like. Each crew member gets to sing a few lyrics from a different part of the ship. They filmed the music video over the course of a whole month since they only filmed one scene per day. It’s good to know that they didn’t spend too much time on the music video. They are working on an oil rig after all.

There are some pretty tough men that work on offshore oil rigs, and we had no idea that these tough guys were also such talented performers. According to Flynn, some of the guys on the rig are bothering him to film another video. Maybe some of the crew members have found their true calling in life and will try to make their living in theater, dance or music. If their other videos are as fun as this one, they might have a shot.

via Daily Mail

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