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Syfy Shocker: Three-Breasted Actress Kaitlyn Leeb Rocks Saturday Night


What’s the only thing worth remembering from last summer’s sad remake of Total Recall? That’s right–Kaitlyn Leeb as the three-breasted hooker! The movie didn’t do anything for stars Colin Farrell and Jessica Biel. It was left to Kaitlyn to charm the sci-fi crowd at the San Diego Comic Con. Even that couldn’t bring in a decent crowd at the box office. Kaitlyn Leeb sure lured us in, though. That’s partly because we immediately recognized her as the actress formerly known as Kaitlyn Wong, who took a wrong turn in Wrong Turn 4 while doing the right thing in a sizzling lesbian scene.

We’re not bragging. Anybody who’d seen the film would remember Kaitlyn Wong from Wrong Turn 4. But what of Kaitlyn Leeb? What would her big role in Total Recall mean for the Canadian cutie? Well, she surprised us with a recurring role on the wholesome Canadian television series Heartland. Kaitlyn also stayed busy in her homeland with two appearances on the womanly-werewolf show Bitten. And now she graduates to starring in a Canadian-made thriller debuting tonight on Syfy.

Grave Halloween¬†might not count as an official Original Syfy Movie. That noble title is reserved for films like Sharknado. However, Grave Halloween still debuts on Syfy, and that’s good enough for us. It was filmed in Vancouver, but we’re pretty sure that the movie is going to fake plenty of scenes set in Japan. Kaitlyn Leeb is half-Asian, of course, so she’ll look pretty natural in this tale of a woman investigating her mother’s death in Japan’s legendary Suicide Forest.

We say that Kaitlyn is plenty legendary herself. You’ll agree after you check out these pics–which recall Kaitlyn’s three-breasted Total Recall role, her hot lesbian romp from Wrong Turn 4, and plenty of pics of the lovely gal just being herself….

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