Happy Birthday To Gillian Jacobs [Photos]

Today is the birthday of one of our favorite actresses, Gillian Jacobs. You probably know her from her work on the NBC show “Community.” If you haven’t seen the show, then don’t be a dummy and do everything in your power to check it out. The show is hilarious, and Jacobs is amazing in it.

In addition to today being Jacobs’ birthday, it’s also the one year anniversary of when “Community” returned to NBC after its brief hiatus. “Community” is one of those shows that is critically acclaimed and incredibly hilarious, yet for some reason, it doesn’t get the high television ratings of other popular prime time television shows. Maybe that’s because most people are idiots. Remember when we told you not to be a dummy and watch “Community”?

If for some reason you can’t be swayed to check out “Community” by simply taking our word for it, then at least do it because Gillian Jacobs is in it and she’s gorgeous. She also co-stars with Alison Brie, who isn’t so hard on the eyes either. Since it’s Jacobs’ birthday, we’ve put together a few photos of her along with a couple pictures from a photo shoot that she did with Alison Brie. Their characters rarely get along on the show, so the actresses decided to take out their frustrations on each other in the form of light, girl-on-girl S&M.

via IMDB

Photo Credit: Mark Seliger


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