Candice Swanepoel: Woman Who Won The Week [Photos]

What does it feel like to launch your own website and have your breasts supported by $10 million all in the span of a few days? We have no idea, but you can ask Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel who has received the honor of being the Woman Who Won The Week.

At this week’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show, Candice Swanepoel was chosen to wear the Royal Fantasy Bra. Why is this such a big deal? The bra is adorned with 4,200 precious gems such as rubies, diamonds and yellow sapphires. Other models who have worn the bra in the past include Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima and Heidi Klum. Although the other models on the show wore bras that had less rubies and diamonds, they still looked pretty hot. We were able to find some of their Instagram photos from the event.

We can hardly imagine what it would be like to wear something that costs so much money. If we had to guess, it would probably feel like wearing a jockstrap that costs $10 million because it was worn and signed by Michael Jordan after he won one of his championships. Also, it is covered in rubies, diamonds and sapphires. Imagine how nice your junk would feel being supported by such an elegant and beautiful jockstrap.

Swanepoel also just launched her website this week. Once you’re there, you can watch several videos of her modeling and learn about her rise to success. Did you know that Swanepoel grew up on a dairy farm in South Africa? She’s living proof that the myth of the hot farmer’s daughter is true. When she was fifteen years old, Swanepoel was spotted by a fashion scout while she was at a flea market. Thankfully, the fashion scout she met was actually legit, and her career has been on the rise ever since. To go from flea market to $10 million underwear is a pretty nice change.

As if thing’s couldn’t get any better for Swanepoel, it’s her birthday this Sunday. If you were planning on sending her a gift, don’t get her a bra. She’s good on those.

via E! Online

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