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56 Behind The Scenes Photos From Classic Horror Movies


I love behind-the-scenes photos. So before you get started on your Halloween movie marathons, I wanted to show you a great selection of photos taken behind-the-scenes of some of the most classic horror films ever.

Those of you who’ve been scared (or just plain creeped-out) by a horror flick will find these behind-the-scenes snaps rather comforting. Freddy Krueger seems a lot less nightmarish once you’ve seen him dancing with a ghetto blaster. The same thing goes for Hannibal Lecter–he doesn’t seem so bad after all once you’ve seen him eating french fries instead of human brains. And I never would have thought the animatronic shark’s mouth from Jaws would make such a comfortable place to lie down.

And let’s add that Quint (aka Eric Vespe) over at AintItCool has spent a few years presenting fun photos as part of his Behind the Scenes Pic of the Day┬ácolumn. He covers all genres, but October is always strictly horror. This is a good time to start seeing Quint regularly. Anyway, from Frankenstein (1931) to Saw (2004), we’ve got some of the best photos of the actors and directors taking a break from freaking you out…

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