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Weekend Style: Wear Your Cocktail on Your Sleeve


Now here’s something you don’t see every day. In a collaboration with Monkey Shoulder Whiskey, men’s shirting brand Jeremy Argyle has designed a piece that is useful in more ways than one. Not only will it make you look super handsome, there is a recipe for the Monkey Jam Sour cocktail printed on the inside of the right cuff. Now you’ll always be prepared when someone inevitably asks, “what should we drink tonight?”

If you walk into an office building during the week, a Wednesday happy hour or club on Saturday night, it looks like all the men got on the phone and coordinated outfits. There are only so many striped and plaid shirts in this world, and it seems every dude always looks pretty much the same. Unless you’re a man who shops at Jeremy Argyle. Opened on New York City’s Spring Street in 2009, the brand has been slinging shirts with cool but subtle details for four years now. Meant to look great either tucked in or out, all shirts are produced in limited quantities. Not to mention a new shirt is released almost every week for you shopoholics out there.

The blue and brown plaid Monkey Shoulder shirt has cool details, like an embroidered 3-monkey logo and and recipe for the whiskey’s signature Monkey Jam Sour on the right sleeve’s inside cuff.

“We love Monkey Shoulder’s refreshing take on the Scotch universe and find it very similar to our own vision of re-defined classic menswear,” Brian Guttman, Jeremy Argyle founder and designer said. “In fact, the whisky itself is meant to be used exactly like any of our shirts: mix it with anything. Every man knows the value of having an ace up their sleeve. We just chose to stitch it right on there.”

Grab one for the weekend for $148 at

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