Gabriella Wilde: CARRIE Good Girl and One Great Model

There aren’t many surprises in the Carrie remake that opens today. You’re pretty much watching a straight remake of Brian De Palma’s 1976 horror classic. That’s the same movie that turned Stephen King into everyone’s favorite horror author. The biggest difference in the new Carrie is ChloĆ« Grace Moretz as the telekinetic bullied misfit who lays waste to her high-school prom. Then you get a lot more CGI, plus a jab at home schooling and an extended ending that covers more of the original source novel.

The film’s biggest surprise is Gabriella Wilde–mostly because she’s playing sweet Sue Snell, who starts all the trouble by trying to be Carrie’s friend. We just assumed that Gabriella would be playing the biggest bully in the school. She’s a gorgeous blonde, but her modeling work doesn’t really show a lot of warmth. Gabriella Wilde has mostly been a name that we associate with icy (and sexy) young women.

As it turns out, Gabriella is a great young actress. She really conveys her character’s guilt after joining in tormenting Carrie. It’s a lot more than we were expecting from seeing Gabriella as a young vampire on an episode of Doctor Who. She’s from England, you know. Now we’re expecting great things from Gabriella as she stars in the remake of the ’80s teen saga Endless Love. You can check her out in the new trailer.

It won’t be hard for Gabriella to outact Alex Pettyfer, and we’re not too excited about being dragged to see Endless Love on Valentine’s Day next year–but these pics of Gabriella will get you plenty excited. You’ll see what we mean about Gabriella not really projecting a good-girl vibe. We like bad girls, too, though. Except when they’re burning down the Senior Prom. We’re not down with that, even if…well, we shouldn’t assume that you’ve seen this Carrie remake, or even the original. Judging from the buzz that Carrie is getting, a lot of people haven’t seen either one. It’s no spoiler, however, to say that you’re going to get a buzz from Gabriella…

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