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October 18, 2013: Freida Pinto Turns 29—-As Our Favorite Stripper [39 PICS]


If you had told us earlier this week that we’d be celebrating Freida Pinto’s birthday with a video of her stripping onstage for customers–well, we’d have asked if she’d be riding a unicorn down a rainbow on her way to the club. And yet here we have the Indian actress turning 29 years old in the same week that we celebrate Freida Pinto writhing around in the video for Bruno Mars’ “Gorilla.” She plays the stripper girlfriend of band leader Bruno, and we can’t blame the guy for indulging himself with the casting.

Frieda lets loose, too. She doesn’t get Miley Cyrus-level naked, but we wouldn’t complain if we’d paid the cover at an actual strip club. It’s another typically liberated display from the Indian actress and model. Freida is the rare international overnight success story, having stolen scenes and hearts when appearing in 2008’s Slumdog Millionaire. It’s not like she was some Indian starlet waiting to be discovered by the rest of the world. Freida wasn’t even a Bollywood B-lister. She was really unknown when Slumdog became a sleeper hit.

The media rushed to include Freida in every kind of Most Beautiful List imaginable–and it was nice to see some diversity there. Her fluke success priced her out of Bollywood, although Freida still counts as the most highly-paid actress in her homeland. Slumdog Millionaire got her one of those highly-valued cameos in a Woody Allen movie (the relatively minor You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger), and Hollywood brought her in for the surprise hit Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Her lead roles in movies like Miral and Trishna haven’t done so well–and 2011’s Immortals didn’t fare much better as an epic fantasy film

We’re still looking forward to seeing a lot more of Freida. And we don’t just mean as a stripper, although it’s certainly admirable how free Freida has been with flaunting her bod as a model. She’s certainly improved as an actress over the years. Freida has also been an outspoken advocate for education and against poverty–specifically as an advocate for young girls in India. So she’s not just another pretty face and rockin’ bod and gal playing a stripper in a music video. But these pics make a fine case for her talents there, too…

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