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Yes, This ‘Special Ingredient’ Pizza Happened [PIC DUMP]


This is empirical evidence that somewhere, someone has combined two of the most important things in the world: marijuana and pizza. And before you go all, “well I don’t see any green stuff sprinkled in there. It’s just some cheese and pepperoni,” save it. This motherf*cker spent hours forming the dough into the shape of a marijuana leaf. You don’t think he took three minutes to call up his dealer? Maybe it’s in the cheese. Maybe it’s in the dough. IDK, but why are you trying to ruin my dreams?

I think I need to chill out a bit. I’ll be back.

In the meantime, why don’t you peep the rest of today’s funny photos and WTF moments by checking out today’s edition of “Yes This Happened” in the gallery below.

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