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What’s on Tap This Weekend: Lost Coast Brewery 8-Ball Stout


By The Professor JW Faulkner – @EngProfJW

The following is a true story: Long before I became the world famous Beer Professor, I was 8 years old and just a Beer Student (my parents had little regard for laws and livers), at the time my family and I were living in England. When we were flying home, the British TSA Officials almost gave yours truly a full cavity search because one of the “American” toys I brought with me was foreign to those Limey bastards! Upon being questioned, my mom did what any responsible parent would do, she walked away. After the Brits inspected the toy, listened to my explanation as to what the toy did and its purpose, they relented and let me go. The toy the Brits had never seen? A Magic 8-Ball! So this weekend, I am toasting those fine TSA Officials who didn’t violate my 8-year-old body and this wonderful stout. This weekend Lost Coast Brewery 8-Ball Stout is What’s On Tap.

Hailing from Northern California, Lost Coast Brewery’s 8-Ball Stout is incredibly smooth and drinkable, almost to the point where it is light but not watered down. Upon opening, you smell the chocolate and malt, and one would think these would dominate the beer’s flavor. But even with the first sip, you notice the brew’s incredible balance; flavors of light hops, chocolate, roasted malts and slight bitterness within the aftertaste all blend together nicely, yet nothing overpowers the brew’s flavors.


If you are a dark beer fan wishing to try a new beer, look no further than 8-Ball. This stout is drinkable and a perfect match for any fall or winter meal. Tonight I am enjoying 8-Ball with a bowl, or two, of chili. My only worry is the aftereffects the brew and food will have, but that’ll be a nice surprise later. If there is any doubt about whether or not you should enjoy this brew this weekend, go find David Puddy and his 8 Ball jacket, and ask him.


Beer Stats:

Alcohol by Volume: 6.3%
Color (SRM): Black
Malts: Roasted and Chocolate
Hops: Pacific Northwest
Yeast: Ale

  • COED Writer