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Caitlin Stasey Masturbation Scene From REIGN: Peek at Some Pics Now!


It isn’t often that mainstream news outlets talk about masturbation scenes on national television. Fortunately, these are crazy times–and there’s a lot of talk about the Thursday night premiere of the new television series Reign. The CW has spent a lot of money on this medieval teen drama. In the process, they’ve bought themselves controversy with a shocking scene. The series is about a young Mary Queen of Scots, and takes place during her years as a lady-in-waiting to the royalty. In one scene, the ladies gather to watch their Queen consummate her marriage on the wedding night. Reign assures us that was the tradition back then.

Then the ladies get so riled up that they separate for some self-pleasuring. We’d prefer controversy where they all got together for group-pleasuring, but nobody asked us. Anyway, a lady-in-waiting named Kenna–played ¬†by Caitlin Stasey–can’t even wait to get back to her bed chambers. She begins pleasuring herself in a castle hallway. Fortunately, the King of France comes along to help Kenna along.

As is being reported, Entertainment Weekly television writer James Hibberd is complaining that Kenna’s big scene has been censored since The CW showed critics the original pilot episode. Well, we hope that Hibberd is complaining. We’re certainly not complaining about any chance to see Caitlin Stasey in our living room. The talented young Australian is only making a cameo in tonight’s episode, but that’s probably because she’s a movie star back home. She’s currently filming the sequel to her 2010 hit Tomorrow When The War Began–which is kind of like an Aussie version of Red Dawn. We’ll be anxiously waiting to see how much of Caitlin gets cut out tonight–but until then, enjoy these pics. The gallery starts with ¬†actual stills from the hot scene in question, but we’ve added some more pics to get you caught up in Caitlin…

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