John Mayer’s Sexiest Hits: The Ladies Who Love Today’s Birthday Boy

So what do you get the man who’s had everyone? That’s the question we face when pondering the birthday of John Mayer–who’s turning 36 years old upon This Day of Our Lord October 16th. Actually, we’d consider pretty much any day to be blessed if we’d racked up this guy’s track record in bed. Mayer isn’t even some kind of rock star. He’s certainly successful, but nobody watches John Mayer in concert while thinking, “Man, this is some serious unbridled sexuality.” They often think, “Man, this guy is kind of a douche.”

John Mayer still has something going for him. He’s pretty much lived a rock star life since the start of the century. Mayer may have seemed a little silly while trying to convince us that he’s a bluesman, but his style certainly wins over some kind of audience. As noted, he’s convinced plenty of amazing gals to have sex with him.

Well, we really just assume that John has had sex with all of the many celebrities that he’s been seen with in public. That’s a fair assumption. We’ve met John a few times, and we can attest that he’s fond of checking out gals. We’ll admit that we’re fond of checking out the gals that John Mayer has checked out. We’ve done it before, but today’s birthday inspires us to upgrade our galleries of John Mayer’s Greatest Hits. If you know what we mean…

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