Emily Ratajkowski Goes Topless for GQ [20 PHOTOS]


Hey, we were talking about pizza costumes just the other day–and here’s Emily Ratajowski all dolled up in a pizza costume for GQ. That’s not really what we were expecting as the British babe starts taking advantage of her notoriety in the wake of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video. Fortunately, this GQ shoot has Emily dolled up in all kinds of outfits for photographer Terry Richardson.  You can watch Emily celebrate all kinds of great American overkill in these exciting photos–plus a sensation gallery that should make Emily Ratajowski a bigger name than Robin Thicke. We’re pretty sure that Emily is mocking American excess in these photographs, but we’re not offended. Emily can mock American excess as much as she likes, as long as she’s doing it to this kind of excess…

Head on over to GQ for more nerve-rattling pics of Ms. Ratajowski, but we’ll understand if you need to check out this video first. GQ is pretty much our ideal of American excess right now….

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