Caity Lotz on Arrow [SEE HER TONIGHT]

Caity Lotz on Arrow

(8:00 PM EST, The CW)

It’s officially a recurring role, but Caity Lotz feels like a Very Special Guest Star on tonight’s episode of Arrow. It’s a particularly exciting development for comic geeks, as Caity popz up as the Black Canary–who’s beloved as the Green Arrow’s high-kicking femme sidekick in the DC Comics series. The Black Canary was partly a rip-off of the Black Widow over at Marvel Comics, but both of the characters were also inspired by swinging ’60s secret agent Emma Peel–from the Avengers television show that isn’t based on a comic book. (Check out our other Arrow favorites, too: Christie Laing, Jessica De Gouw, and Katie Cassidy.)

It’s a big deal to have the Black Canary on the show, and especially in tonight’s episode, since we’re also getting the return of Kelly Hu as villainess China White. And that bad gal is accompanied by her own new supervillain partner, that being the Bronze Tiger–who’s played by the supercool actor Michael Jai White. That’s a lot to get excited about in just one show.

But the really big news is Caity as the Black Canary. There’s been a lot of bafflement over the role. The first season of Arrow seemed to be setting up Katie Cassidy’s character as the Black Canary. Katie’s character is Dinah “Laurel” Lance, and that’s the Black Canary’s name in the comics. Caitlyn is showing up as Dinah Drake, and we’re speculating that maybe her character will get killed off and Katie Cassidy may take over the superheroine exploits in her name.

That’s all speculation, though. We’re just going to enjoy Caity while we can. The young dancer certainly has the moves of a kick-ass heroine. She’s also an exceptional actress. Caity took a lead role in a small indie called The Machine and turned in one of the finest sci-fi performances of the year. Then she followed that with a great turn in a nice little horror movie called The Pact. (You can keep up with this stuff via Caity’s Twitter account.)

Sadly, more people probably saw Caity as the best thing in the recent dance film Battle of the Year. A lot more people will see Caity in their living rooms tonight. She certainly deserves the exposure. It’s a shame that a name like Caity Lotz inspires lotz of bad puns, but these pics–along with her big role tonight–should inspire lotz of guyz to tune in…

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