Shani Atias guests on NCIS

(8:00 PM EST, CBS)

The bad news is that Shani Atias has a particularly unsexy role on tonight’s episode of NCIS. The great news is that Shani Atias is on tonight’s CSI in a dramatic role that should get us seeing a lot more of the Israeli model. It’s an impressive acting debut, too–not just because Shani is taking on an unglamorous role, but also because NCIS is one of the top-rated shows in the USA.

Shani Atias is a pretty big name in her homeland, though. She enjoyed a busy career as a child model, and did lots of theater work while pursuing her education. Shani went though a short stint in the Israeli Defense Force before deciding to go international. That’s when she headed to Los Angeles to purse her acting career.

Like fellow serious gal Natalija Ugrina, Shani hooked up with the Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute. That explains why she’s so comfortable making her big American debut in a serious role. Not that we have any complaints about Natalija’s work as a hot babe. Shani is also giving her native land a chance to enjoy her grown-up charms. She’s in a television show there called Galis–which we think is about a bunch of young people on a survival reality show that gets deadly serious. We’re not really sure because we don’t speak Hebrew, but we’re bringing in guys who are going to be very happy to translate for us.

And we should probably note that, yes, Shani does have an older sister–that being the marvelous Moran Atias, who’s starred in the Showtime series Crash and has modeled for Maxim. We’re overdue to celebrate Moran, as well, but tonight is Shani Atias’ big night. We think a lot of folks in Hollywood will be talking about her work as an actress tomorrow–and guys should already be talking about Shani’s work as a model. She has a dark beauty and all kinds of looks. You’ll want to check her out in more glamorous times below before you tune in tonight…

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