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October 15, 2013: 34 Hot Pics For Elena Dementieva’s 32nd Birthday


Yesterday, we were worrying about the love life of Caroline Wozniacki–or, more accurately, we were worrying about the lack of our presence in the love life of Caroline Wozniacki. Now we’re celebrating¬†Elena Dementieva’s birthday. Sadly, we don’t have to worry about the love life of this Olympic tennis champ. She’s married to hockey star Maxim Afinogenov. He’s named after one of our favorite magazines, but could probably still knock out several of our teeth.

Still, no possible harm can come from celebrating Elena Dementieva’s birthday with lots of hot pics, right? Especially since Elena spent her career as one of tennis’ most adored sex symbols. The blonde beauty was born in Russia, where she commenced some serious training at the age of 7 years old. Elena won her first tournament at the age of 13, and was only 16 years old when she was first ranked into the Top 500 players of ¬†the Women’s Tennis Association.

Elena Dementieva really became a big name in 1999. That’s when she beat out Venus Williams and became the only winning Russian in the Fed Cup finals. Tennis needed another hot blonde at the time. Elena became the hottest Russian player in two senses of the word. Then she got real exposure at the 2000 Summer Olympics, where Elena won the silver medal after losing to Venus in a return match.

She spent the next years as a real winner. Elena won over Venus again at the Grand Slam Finals in 2004, but lost to defending champion Serena Williams. (She’d beat out both sisters at Wimbledon the year before.) Elena had a great career up to her retirement in 2010–which included a showing at the Medibank Finals where she successfully defended her title against Serena Williams. Elena really stood out as a women’s tennis sex symbol who also played a mean game. Plenty of non-fans enjoyed ogling her built bod, and Maxim (the guy) has plenty to celebrate today. Now help yourself to some double servings of a body to get Dementieva’d over…

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