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Celebrate NUTS’ 500th Issue With Their 50 Sexiest Covers


We have plenty of beloved magazines. You know, the kind men like. But there’s always been something very special about Nuts. This fine British publication came in at the tail end of the Lad Mags movement, but Nuts was no mere imitator. In fact, Nuts revived the industry as a weekly format in 2004. In the process, the publication challenged all the other mags to embrace big laughs and bigger breasts. Yeah. Nuts is really into breasts. We know that you think all guys are into breasts, but, seriously, Nuts is really, really into breasts–aka boobs, curves, and whatever else you care to call them.

Nuts has many words for the female form, and the editors get a lot of use from their personal thesaurus. “But,” you might ask, “how does a magazine like Nuts¬†survive in a world where topless gals are all over the internet?” The answer is that Nuts has an enthusiasm for naked gals that’s downright infectious. (We don’t really like using the words “naked,” “gals,” and “infectious” in the same sentence.)

See for yourself as you survey these covers. We’ve chosen our 50 Favorite Nuts Covers from their long history, and there’s an awful lot going on in the small print. You’ll be distracted by the big breasts, but take the time to check out the plentiful gags in the headlines. We kind of feel bad about leaving out the cover of their 3D issue from 2009, since it boasts the immortal line, “It’s like Avatar with boobs!”

You’ll still find plenty to enjoy here–including new breasts faces that you need to know. You’ll see that¬†Nuts has featured the occasional American starlet, but we’re mainly ogling popular Nuts ladies like Abi Titmuss, Billie Faiers, Gemma Atkinson, Gemma Merna, Lucy Pinder, Sophie Howard, and pretty much every hot babe that’s been on the UK edition of Big Brother. Enjoy the view–and, seriously, there’s also words on these covers…

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