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Miss COED Hits the Pavement with Alexander Charles [Original Editorial]


It’s no secret streetwear is becoming more popular than ever before. With brands like Reason and Supreme worn on every corner, more and more people want to rock the cool kid look influenced by hip hop, Japanese street fashion and skate and surf culture. So when designer Danny Leahy introduced us to his new label Alexander Charles, we were quick to grab a Miss COED and take the line for a spin downtown.

Clothing for the “modern day street aristocrat,” Alexander Charles is heavily inspired by the Baroque era, a European period of artistic style marked by ornate and dramatic architecture, music and art. During this time, the elite  would use theatrical design to impress peers and express power, an action that very much relates to how we use fashion to portray ourselves today. Through his designs, Danny takes this idea and makes it modern, blending that exaggeration of elegance into street apparel. An ultra-soft t-shirt gets an upgrade with an ostrich leather pocket. A two-tone hoodie stunts with a cowhide panel. You will never look at that plain white tee the same ever again.

Cut and produced in Brooklyn, Alexander Charles is a New York brand through and through. So we took it to the streets with photographer Austin Cary Rhodes and Miss COED Kristen Heavey so show the world what downtown cool looks like when mixed with a little uptown luxury.

COED Writer