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The 10 Most Interesting Alternative Beer Ingredients Used Today [PHOTOS]


It wasn’t all that long ago when most beers were really only differentiated between what region they’d been brewed in. Luckily, with the recent rise of microbreweries and craft beers though, beers their ingredients, their ingredients, and the process used to make it are becoming much more diverse. The result of which is that we now have literally hundreds of interesting beers to try.

As part of Beer Month here at COED, we’re exploring not only our favorite brews but some of the more “alternative” refreshments available to consumers. Last week we showed you some surprising beer flavors (milk, pizza, seaweed) but now we’re moving on to the most interesting ingredients that help separate these beers from the rest of the 6-pack.

And while your initial reaction might be to immediately gag when reading about how things like testicles can be used to make your beer tasty, remember that your parents told you to remain brave and try new things.

COED Writer