Yvonne Zima guests on Castle

(10:00 PM EST, ABC)

Plenty of folks watched Yvonne Zima grow up on television, thanks to her ’90s work as a kiddie actor on the hit show ER. (She played the young daughter of Dr. Greene.) Yvonne then disappeared for about a decade–and came back with a grown-up look that, coincidentally, almost put us in the ER. Yvonne easily stood out among the usual soap-opera sweethearts when she joined The Young and the Restless in 2009. She made young folks restless for several years on that show.

Yvonne also began to pop up in indie films while showing off some serious acting skills. She learned a lot while growing up on film sets. In fact, we’re thinking that Yvonne might host the most serious talent-to-bra-size ratio since Scarlett Johansson. (Wait until you hear Scarlett’s voice work in the upcoming Her.) Yvonne is already overdue for a real breakout role. She looked great as a beauty queen in Iron Man 3, but we wanted to see more of her in her role as Miss Elk Ridge. (You can keep track of Yvonne’s future roles via her Twitter account, of course.)

Yvonne got to show off all of her talents earlier this year on an episode of Law & Order SVU. We’re looking forward to seeing her terrorized in the upcoming horror movie The Last Light, and really, really looking forward to her upcoming starring role in the TV-movie The Girl He Met Online. We’re hoping that one will be based on the thrilling real-life tale of a hardworking and terribly underpaid COED editor whose unappreciated labor is finally rewarded when he writes about a young actress who is touched by his incredibly sensitive insight into the plight of young beauties. We’d watch that movie. Sadly, our encounters with young actresses are best summed up by the title of Yvonne’s other upcoming movie–that being The Automatic Hate.

Life is unfair. But at least we have Yvonne in our living rooms tonight. This isn’t the first time Castle has caught our attention, either. Check out Devanny Pinn,  Alexa Havins, Tiffany Dupont, Melinda Y. Cohen, Sara Scott, and Raquel Alessi. But first check out Yvonne, as the actress proves why she’s also always in demand as a model…

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