October 14, 2013: Stacy Keibler’s 34 Sexiest Pics for Her 34th Birthday

George Clooney has the #1 movie at the box office for the second week in a row, but we still feel sad for him on this Monday–for he is no longer with Stacy Keibler. Never mind if that was George’s idea, or if he upgraded to a Croatian model. The poor guy still has to occasionally ponder, “Why am I not waking up next to Stacy Keibler?”

We’ve never had that problem. And we’re pretty sure that Stacy Keibler isn’t feeling too terrible about things on her 34th birthday. Things have been going great for her. Stacy has a new boyfriend of her own, and began hosting a new show on the Lifetime Channel called Supermarket Superstars. That’s all been part of the Stacy Keibler Media Explosion that commenced when the lady with the best legs in World Wrestling Entertainment landed on Dancing With the Stars. That was a rare lucky break in the wresting world that didn’t involve years of physical therapy. Stacy is certainly having a far more glamorous career than she might have expected when she first joined World Championship Wrestling as part of the Nitro Girls.


Stacy started out as a humble fitness model in her hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. She was a cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens at the age of 18, and–in the Baltimore tradition–showed up in a John Waters film. (Sadly, it was Pecker, which is one of Waters’ less shocking movies.) Stacy entered a contest in 1999 for a chance to join the WCW’s Nitro Girls dance troupe. She called herself “Skye” back then, and quickly became a fan favorite. Skye was promoted to WCW valet, and given the new name of Miss Hancock. The 5’11” stunner had a preference for business suits and tended to break out with sexy dance moves. There was a pretty complicated story line with Miss Hancock falsely claiming to be pregnant by either Vince Russo or Ric Flair, and that was also when WCW fans first saw Stacy fighting in the ring.

All of that craziness was settled, and Miss Hancock retired from the biz–but that marked the return of Stacy Keibler fighting under her real name. Stacy was easily the most traditionally sexy babe in the WCw roster. (Not that we have anything against big built babes like Kaitlyn.) That soon made her part of the WWE empire, and Stacy was often showcased in lingerie. There was also her stint as Super Stacy, where she had a nice leather bikini that’s worthy of a big-screen adaptation. Then she was spirited away for Dancing With the Stars at the start of 2006. Stacy hasn’t looked back since then, but you’ll want to be looking hard at these amazing pics from (mostly) Stacy’s wrestling days. They’ll give you a Spinning Heel Kick to your heart….

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