Sara Jean Underwood’s Hottest Halloween Costumes [PHOTOS]

There are a lot of reasons that Halloween is the favorite holiday of grownups–and Sara Jean Underwood usually tops our list. The former Playmate of the Year is the kind of gal who can’t wait to bring a few fantasies to life. And not just our own, either. Sara Jean is a genuine fangirl herself. We still miss her as a television host. We also know that Sara Jean is the kind of gal who can make good use out of her superhero outfits. Remember when she competed in the Kunoichi competition in Japan? She did a lot better than we ever could at running the obstacle course.

In fact, Sara Jean Underwood’s official Instagram account is inspiring in ways that we don’t usually expect from models. The lady likes nature, and you can get eyestrain trying to stare at two beautiful views in one photo. That’s the same reason that we don’t miss out on following Sara Jean’s Twitter account. (Here’s a look at her 66 Sexiest Twitpics, and that’s just a start.)

We sure never miss out on opportunities to see Sara Jean dolled up in assorted tight-fitting outfits. Sara Jean looks perfectly natural whenever she’s suited up for action–whether it’s as a soldier, a football pro, a Viking, a foxy boxer, a police woman, or assorted Avengers. We’re also overdue to celebrate Halloween with Sara Jean by watching Zellwood (aka Deadliest Weekend). That’s her long overdue return to acting, with Sara Jean in a starring role among some backwoods mayhem. We finally got to see All The Boys Love Mandy Lane with Amber Heard, so  let’s do what we can to get Zellwood screened outside of Hollywood.

Until then, we’ll be seeking out Sara Jean through her social media–which also includes a fine Facebook page for her fans. We’ll also commence celebrating Halloween a little early with this hot pics of Sara Jean all ready for action. We’ll be keeping a close eye on Instagram to see what Sara Jean wants to be this Halloween. And after you check out these costumes, you’ll want to be seeing Sara Jean in some amazing GIFS….

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