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Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders: Why The Team Has The Loudest Fans in the NFL [40 PHOTOS]


There was a hella loud record set in the NFL this weekend. The football-crazed fans of Kansas City got really worked up over their undefeated team this Sunday, and managed to get cheering to a wild display of decibels. In fact, the fans of the Kansas City Chiefs managed to roar their way into the Guinness Book of World Records. It seems that the fine folks at Guinness had been informed that the Kansas City fans were getting really loud, and the company had a representative on hand at Arrowhead Stadium this weekend. The brave fellow recorded the cheering Chiefs fans at 137.5 decibels. Yes, that is rather loud. In fact, it is now The Loudest Crowd Roar on record. Officially, it’s the Loudest Crowd Roar in an Open-Air Stadium. Guinness gets really specific about these things.

It was a pretty good game, too. The Chiefs took on the Oakland Raiders to a 24-7 victory. That made for the team’s sixth straight win. That was enough for the Chiefs fans to scream their way past Arrowhead Stadium’s old personal record of 116 decibels. The previous¬†Loudest Crowd Roar in an Open-Air Stadium was scored by ¬†Seattle Seahawks fans, with a perfectly respectable 136.6 decibels. To their credit, those Seahawks fans brought the record back to America, having swiped the honors from a soccer club in Turkey. We still love our Turkish readers, though.

But we’re thinking that the Chief’s winning streak is only a small part of the roaring. Have you seen the Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders? They’ve inspired us to a few personal bests of our own. Really exhausting personal bests, if you know what we mean. Check out these pics of the Chiefs’ charmers of today and yesterday, including pics from their bikini calendar and some audition photos. These shots will set a world record in your pants. And then you can push your limits with our College Football Cheerleader Showdown

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