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Caroline Wozniacki Might Need A Boyfriend [70 Smashing Photos]


“The score is 30-love,” we said meaningfully while smiling at Caroline Wozniacki over the tennis net. Then we woke up–but we’re thinking that it’s time to polish up that line again. The smashingly beautiful tennis star is reportedly having some trouble with her love life. She’s been dating golfer Rory McIlroy for a couple of years, and you’d think the guy would’ve put a ring on that by now. Instead, there seems to be a bad bounce in Caroline’s romance. As often happens, the problem is tied to the internet. No, the guy didn’t forget to clear his history. According to the Irish Independent, McIlroy broke up with Caroline because she posted an unflattering picture of him sleeping on her Twitter account.

Personally, we’d be grateful to Caroline Wozniacki for Tweeting any photographic evidence that we’ve slept with her. We’d be trying to take photographs that would prove the same thing. But the rumor mill says that McIlroy got all offended at having his snoozing face Tweeted out to millions of Caroline’s followers, and he broke up with her over that big betrayal. Then he might have tried to get back together, but Caroline reportedly couldn’t forgive the guy for being so unforgiving. Which is reasonable. Rory is fairly photogenic when he’s sleeping. The guy didn’t have have any business getting upset.

And so the most Eligible Bachelorette in Tennis is once again up for grabs. And if that doesn’t get you excited, then check out this pic of Caroline grabbing her tennis shorts…

We’d still be dating Caroline Wozniacki if she Tweeted a photograph of us twerking to Justin Bieber. There’s a lot of room for forgiveness there. Caroline’s a big earner, too. The Danish beauty has been having a rough season this year, but she recently made it to the semifinals at the New Haven Open at Yale. Furthermore, Caroline finished up last year with an international ranking in the Top Ten.

We have a lot of faith that Caroline can manage a big comeback from her current woes. Seriously, a lot of faith. What we’re trying to say is that we’re here for Caroline. We’re here to help Caroline with whatever she needs, whether it’s massages or cheering from the sidelines or massages or running some errands or maybe giving her some massages. Check out these pics of Caroline–on the court and beyond–and you’ll be feeling the same. But go feel something else. We’ve got a pretty good chance with her if we can just use that 30-love line…

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